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Mmm burritos!

I have a complete addiction to Mexican food, so thorough and cellular-level that it was all I craved during not one but BOTH pregnancies.  Making it at home has been a bit outside my patience quotient though…moles with 30+ ingredients??  Dude, I WORK for a living! Anyway, I’ve been researching techniques, learning theory and practice…and […]

Weekend of Fruit: The Finale

So, to recap, this weekend I have already made 8 half pints of blackberry jam and 4 half pints of strawberry jam.  Figuring that wasn’t quite enough abuse on my poor knee joints, today I made 6 half pints of peach jam… Then used even more peaches for fried peach pies… These were simply amazing, […]

Weekend of Fruit!

I think it was the unmistakable scent of spring in the air, but sometime Friday I suddenly needed JAM.  Strawberry, of course, being the kids’ favorite, and definitely blackberry, being MY favorite.  Fruit was purchased, jars were sterilized, and the jamming began. The strawberry jam recipe I started with was this one by Ina Garten…I […]

Recipe: Sopa del Stacy

Yes, we still live, hallooo! Had dinner with some old friends last night at the tapas place Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando, wherein Husband was entranced by the Sopa de Leon (a chorizo, chicken and chickpea soup), so today’s side project was cobbling together a reasonable facsimilie.   And here it is: 8 oz chorizo […]

Recipe: Hamburger Buns

Oh how I hate grocery store hamburger buns.  They’re either tough and chewy (from the bakery), or they’re wispy and insubstantial (commercially produced brands).  I make serious hamburgers, people, stuffed with cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon, they need serious buns! Hamburger Buns Ingredients: 5 cups all purpose flour 2 pkgs dry yeast 1 cup milk […]

Recipe: Seriously Better Tomato Bisque

The original recipe is here.  Below you will find our new favorite version, borne out of my inability to accurately detail the ingredients Husband needed to pick up on his way home from work… Ingredients: 2 14oz cans of diced tomatoes 1 lb whatever tomatoes you have lying about on counter or in your freezer […]

You Grow the Veg, You Cook the Veg

As those of you who read a lot of Florida bloggers know…it’s frickin’ hot out there.  This tends to make us not go out there nearly as often as we did in the spring/early summer, so everything in the garden is officially on it’s own. This is fine with the volunteer tomato, who inexplicably is […]

The Silence of the Pumpkins

Would you care to guess how many seeds you get from a 53 1/2 lb pumpkin? Go on…guess. 1 cup would be the correct answer. Seems paltry for a fruit this size, but this is one of those super-mega pumpkins, the kind that people grow for massive size instead of flavor, shape and/or seed production.  […]

Recipe: Cashew Chicken

I think I’ve noted previously that I could happily exist on Chinese food, with the occasional steak thrown in now and then.  The rest of the family, not so much.  Because they’re picky bastards, that’s why.  When we order Chinee both the Husband and Boychild get cashew chicken, albeit WITHOUT any veg. No vegetables, just […]

Recipe: Ranchero Sauce (Updated)

Whilst on our mini-vacation this past weekend, we took the advice of the hotel “concierge” and visited a restaurant dubiously named Skidder’s for our morning repast.  I decided to try huevos rancheros, having gone all of my 38+ years thusfar without partaking, even though I have quite the torrid relationship with Mexican food.  (It helped […]