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Diamonds in the Garden

Photographers speak of the “golden hour,” that time just before dusk when everything is bathed in (strangely enough) golden light.  I prefer morning light, however, especially when it takes the overnight condensation and turns it into something much less mundane…

Artsy Fartsy

Yesterday the creativeness overtook me and I did some experimenting with f-stops, apertures, all aided by my beloved Manfrotto tripod.  The results, which I’m rather happy with, are below.  Dried red rocket and thai hot peppers from the garden this summer: And a Brown Turkey Fig: Man, I love natural light. UPDATE:  Oops, one more […]

Federally Mandated Relaxation

Another Day of Rest was decreed for today, which was deuced smart timing our part seeing as how it has Rained All Day. We read books, poked around on the Intarwebz, played with the bebe kitty, watched cheesy movies, and cooked a lovely turkey breast with sage and thyme stuffed under the skin. Now we […]


I am very sorry that I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I am also quite sorry that I rather enjoy it. * I’ve been off Starbuck’s mochas (cold turkey, people) since the Husband was declared diabetic. Honestly, I do not miss them. My daily coffee is Gevalia’s Caffe Greco and is so much […]

Shooting Sports

You’ll have to pardon me, sometimes I actually *gasp* blog about things that have nothing to do with gardening. Shocking, I know. We went out on photosafari Monday. Well, technically we were Geocaching, but the four mile hike…at midday…in 90 degree Florida heat…made us call it a day when we finally staggered back to the […]

Putting the Lific in Prolific

Above: the dahlias look like crazy pink lions when they’re completely open, don’t they? Looking at the old Fotos directory on the hard drive here, I estimate I took maybe 30 pictures between January and last Saturday. Thirty whoooole pictures. I think I’ve made up for it in the past two days… Psst…the rest of […]

Photos and Zoe Presents

I’ve spent the last four days or so going through every photograph we’ve taken lately (digital), with an eye towards pulling out those worthy of printing and/or showing.Flickr says we’ve posted a bit over two thousand images since starting up that account in late November of 2005. I post photos on Flickr I would never/ever […]


We sold our first official stock photo today, to a publishing company in California who is working up a book on Jacksonville.  It’s exciting, it is, to get paid for your “art.” I’ve never considered this art (just a highly useful second income), so every little bit of validation helps. “No, you didn’t spend 8K […]