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**Please insert here my usual array of excuses for utterly abandoning my garden/food blog** There, that’s better.  Even though I haven’t been talking about it, we’re still cooking of course.  Twitter has been my medium of choice lately, being both fast and succinct, so all the pics are winding up there.  There’s been turtles and […]

Movie-Food.com: The Sequel

For those of you (read: all) who weren’t aware, I started the Movie-Food.com site a few months back at the behest of my sister after Husband and I whipped up the delectable Maraschino Cherry Chicken from the horrendous Six Days, Seven Nights. It was surprisingly easy to come up with a HUGE list of food items/dishes from movies […]

All Hail Cipro

We’re watching football and TIVO-ing the presidential debates. Yes, we’re proud Americans. The circus was fantastic, thanks for asking. A full rundown will happen after I get the 800+ pictures edited, but for now suffice it to say it was just amazing. The eight white tigers were unspeakably impressive, even behind the 13 foot tall […]


With all the doc visits this week I seem to have picked up another cold to go with my bronchitis, so pardon me if I skip out on today’s words of interest. I did manage a story over at 100 Words this morning. Bet you can’t guess what inspired that theme. Enjoy.

Four Things

Yoinked from HF&N, more Things About Me You Didn’t Necessarily Want to Know, But Too Damned Bad:Four jobs I’ve had or currently have in my life: Barista for a major bookstore chain who shall remain nameless. The sad thing is I really, really loved this job, even though it paid something around what a third […]


Due to medical (and sheer fatigue issues), we took yesterday and today off from haring across the state, which meant I had time to perform this little self-indulgent meme thinger.WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Nope. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Shed a few unstoppable tears just this morning as the GYN was excising […]

Good Morning, Indeed

So. Long time, no blog. Well, there has been blogging. But there’s been far more design work and photography going on.Occasionally I will miss the old days. Back when we had something like a community, unpopulated (as it is now) by scum-sucking troll-creatures, who delighted in shitting on something just because they liked the smell. […]