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The Capper to an Already Fan-Bloody-Tastic Day

US Prosecutor Arrested I am deliberately truncating the actual title of the article to avoid the shit-for-brains who Google for that sort of thing, may their entrails be infested with fire ants for a thousand years. I’d say, ‘don’t read this if you have small children,’ but no, read it, and understand precisely what kind […]

Nothing To See Here, Move Along

Nothing To See Here, Move Along My stats tell me I am Google’s #2 result for the search phrase “Whores of the Apocalypse.” I cannot tell you how proud I am of that. And yes, proud to be number two. The number one space is rightly held by a virtual tour site for Ho Chi […]

It’s Like Camp, But With Assault Rifles!

I find the tone of this NYT photo essay on Putin’s “Patriotic Youth Camp” to be disturbingly lighthearted. Now, granted, this is the New York Times we’re speaking of here, but did no one look at these images and find the concept of a youthful paramilitary organization in a (cough) “previously” Communist country more worrisome […]

Perspective is Lacking

Not only do I not post about politics, but I generally don’t read much on that subject either. Anymore. My blood pressure, which actually tried to kill me during the birth of my first child, simply doesn’t need the challenge. The same moratorium applies to current events, world news…hell, sometimes even college football. I even […]

Hey, At Least I’m Not Posting About My Newfound Obsession with Scrubs

Gosh, I’d just love to post something really interesting today but I’m afraid I’m dealing with mental fatigue on a cosmic level here. We spent the weekend doing as little as humanly possible, and that laissez-faire attitude has bled nicely over into the work week.I do have something to say about the still-delightful Burn Notice, […]

And You Can Suckit, Too

The image ratings have been removed effective immediately, due to the pathetic assholes who can’t seem to find the exit from Mom’s basement and therefore have little better to do than stomp their inadequacies across the sites of complete strangers.You have something to say about an image, homeslice? Then sack up and use the comment […]

Observations on Snack Chips and Useless Clothing

So, who has picked up a bag of Doritos X-13 and taken the Mystery Flavor challenge? Resist. Resist the temptation. The bag we got tasted like a hamburger. Yes, with pickles and ketchup and…way more than I ever want my snack chips to taste like, thank you very much.The challenge is supposed to be in […]

Yes, I’m Patriotic

Of all the things to come out of this age of globalization, the one I despise most is the notion that being patriotic, particularly if you’re an American, is something to be ashamed of. Sure, my country has done things of which I’m less than proud, there’s not one country on the planet who can […]

A Harry Potter Question

I enjoy the Harry Potter series, like a great many adults, but I don’t hang around many HP discussion forums (and am inherently lazy, ergo no Google) so forgive if this has been thrashed about thoroughly in the years since his introduction…Where’s the cost of the magic they all so blithely fling around? (pausing to […]

Let’s Do it Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

In futzing around with our DirecTV packages last week, I accidentally downgraded us to a plan that did not include the Discovery Channel. Leaving out totally the insanity of such a concept… So, not only were my two children denied the fantastic array of informational programming delivered in a highly entertaining fashion, but I myself […]