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Reality Bytes

Yes, I do have pictures for you, I promise…I’m supposed to be taking it easy this week, though, which means sitting on the couch with an ice pack on my knee, and using Photoshop on the laptop is significantly less, er, fun, than doing it on the desktop. So, let’s talk about reality shows instead! […]

Pop Culture Interlude

I’ve never watched So You Think You Can Dance (title is irritating me, btw) before this season, so I’m a bit mystified by what happens when the final 10 are chosen. I gather it means random partners or something like that by the look on poor Gev’s face when they reminded him he would no […]


I am very sorry that I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I am also quite sorry that I rather enjoy it. * I’ve been off Starbuck’s mochas (cold turkey, people) since the Husband was declared diabetic. Honestly, I do not miss them. My daily coffee is Gevalia’s Caffe Greco and is so much […]

Boo and Yay

Boy, sinus infections are FUN, aren’t they? Just when you start to feel better, that horse goes and steps on your face again. Really must tell that story…though, technically, it was my foot he stepped on, not my face. He was a Percheron-breed, though, a horse only slightly smaller than a Clydesdale… Anyway. This news […]


May your Night be Silent, your Holly be Jolly, and your Reindeer be Red-Nosed. May your Noel be First, your Gentlemen be Rested, and your Drummer Boy be Little. May your Bells be Silver, your Halls be Decked, and your Jingle Bells be Rocked. A Merry Whatever-You-Celebrate to you all.

Lots of Things

Oh, if I only had the energy, I’d love to write something about the inevitable backlash from household pets over being lolcat-ed. There’d be protests, sit-ins, mournful interviews with the press (“why do you HATE us so??”). Michele, go write that for me, mmkay? Managed to get the old Pixelpost entries/comments imported yesterday (thanks to […]

Things That Are Disturbing Me

And they should disturb you, too.–Law of the Sea Treaty on Fast Track to Ratification – Read up on this. —China Seeks Oil Near Cuba – Anyone else comfortable with this? And not quite as disturbing, but still quite irritating… –There’s a GI Joe movie coming out in 2009. Remember GI Joe, the real American […]

Better, Stronger, Vapider

Well, Bionic Woman didn’t suck. Nor did it blow our skirts up, however. I know they felt like they had to shove everything expositionary* into that first fifteen minutes, but the writing is seriously choppy. And is there even a chick on that writing staff (is Laeta a woman?)? No woman would ever say to […]

Endings and Beginnings

No, it’s not going to be THAT kind of post…The Husband and I just finished up the last book in Kage Baker’s Company series over the weekend. Yes, it went from his hot little hands straight into mine and I was done 14 hours later (I paused to sleep). I say “last” book…it’s the endgame […]

Proportion Blowing

Well, I said I wasn’t going to post anything on this…but seeing as I’m actually from the South, perhaps some things need to be said.Yes, there are still people in the Deep South who will throw a noose over a tree limb. Yes, it is stupid, and utterly low-class. Go ask any 100 people in […]