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We’re Going to Need a Bigger State

Crime in Italy, a frigging Great White off Indian Rocks Beach?? I had always thought the Gulf was too warm for the bastards, but apparently not. There hasn’t been a Zoe Presents update lately, sorry about that, I know you are all out there waiting with bated breath. This morning Husband found one of the […]

Browsers and Idiots and Soup

If you’ve recently upgraded to Firefox and are finding the sodding thing locked up completely whilst your CPU howls like a banshee…downgrade that bitch. does not have the same troubles. I love you Firefox. Don’t become another cpanel, testing your new “features” on actual release versions. … When we send you access information […]

It’s Frickin’ Freezing in Here, Mr. Bigglesworth

Yeah, 40 degrees is kicking my ass this morning. Did you know that there are no fish in Florida? None. Yeah, it’s chilly, but hell, dragging stinky cheese bait across the bottom ought to get some response. The kids enjoyed the hell out of their rocket fishing rods though, I think they are equipped with […]

I Could be Your Flamingo

Why is counting to five in German so much cooler than doing so in any other language? After another coat of color, my hair is still determinedly pink. I’m forced to assume the Manic Panic color I received is pink-in-the-wrong-container. And those of you who know I am SO not a “pink” person know how […]

I Am Compelled

Have you seen the trailer for this movie, One Missed Call? No? Here, go watch, I’ll wait. There, aren’t you weirdly compelled to see this stupid movie? You get a voicemail on your cellphone, and it’s your DEATH you’re hearing. And then, you die, exactly as you heard it. WEIRD. And oddly compelling. I can’t […]

25 Music Questions

In searching for some ideas for Monday’s excruciating 100 Words theme, I ran across this music meme: 70 Music Questions. Well, as you can see from reading that list, some of those questions are utter shite, so I’ve pared it down to the most interesting 25. As always with the memes, if you choose to […]


The above image is how the inside of my skull feels right now. I always wait until I’m getting better to feel bad enough to go to the doctor. Not this time, dammit. Still no stupid fever, so it’s just me, my tea and a fistful of advil. Speaking of, a snippet of conversation with […]


I’m sure you’ve all seen the stickers appearing on the back of various vehicles in the past few years. You know, the stickers by which the vehicle’s occupant advertises the DEATH of a loved one? This morning, I have witnessed a new low in such redneckery. Not only did it have the DEAD person’s name, […]

Shopping and Terror and Vocabulary, Oh My!

The Husband and I should not be allowed to visit Bed, Bath & Beyond together. —Interdicted— Went in for a new pillow. Came out with a new pillow, some pillowcases, a new dust buster, filters for said dust buster, some garbage disposal disinfectant thingers, a fridge odor absorber, new oven mitts/pot holders, flexible silicon chopping […]


So, did you watch Reaper last night? We had to pause it at the 10:00 mark because we were laughing too hard to see the television at that time. For those of you who did indeed watch, that’s the point in the show when the pack of dogs started chasing Sam through the store, and […]