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AI Top 36, Round 1

Finally, tonight American Idol gets out of the pseudo-drama queen pageant and into the actual competition.  And since we’re no longer doing the Idol snark blog, I’m just going to have to do my snarking here. Onward!

7 Things

ARGH!  I’ve been tagged, like a cow, or a sheep, or some other distinctly unflattering farm denizen.  Ok, more like a paint-baller, but whatever. Anyway, this is going to be hard since I’ve already done at least a couple of these things before.   7 Things You Don’t Know About Me I had a Naval […]

The Mighty Hunter

If you follow along on Twitter, you probably saw the tweet regarding the snake that lives in our pool patio drain. Here is what you can see of him.  On a clear day.  When the sun is shining directly overhead.   Here is a scale pic to show the relative size of the drain.   […]

Dirty Little Habit

I love these Literal Videos that are making the rounds lately. A-Ha’s Take on You: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HE9OQ4FnkQ[/youtube] Tears for Fears Head Over Heels: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0TYun-Nq1Q&feature=related[/youtube] And now, Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr2jlCyCJBI[/youtube] Pity that last guy can’t carry a tune in a bucket.  Still funny though, especially with the whole Rickrolling angle.

Welcome Our Robotic Plant Overlords

For those of you with a terminal black thumb, robotic plants may be the answer: Just like real plants, the robot emits oxygen, moisture, and aroma. It also responds in various ways to stimuli from outside, such as approaching persons, music or light. When a person comes within a 40 cm radius of the flower, […]

Random Facts

LetsPlant of A Yard in Fort Pierce has tagged me for this Random Facts meme, and even though he called me “nice” I suppose I will play along… The Rules: Link to the person who tagged you Post the rules on your blog Write six random things about yourself Tag six people at the end […]

Flippity Floppity

This site’s domain used to be floridabackyard.org, because that’s what it featured, of course. Then we thought we might be moving to Kansas, and I changed the domain to sekimori.org. Kansas turned out to be full of FAIL (and the cause of diabeetus), and now every post seems to be about my backyard, so here […]

So How Was Your Day?

Today I did multiple loads of laundry, weeded the planting bed behind the pool enclosure, nursed a sick child, answered helpdesk tickets, planted four o’clocks, changed the cat box, fought off mad server loads, planted corn, deleted 185,000 pieces of crap mail from some idiot’s server, fed the nascent cottage garden out front, planted bachelor […]

Lurve and Xst My Hand Hurts

As I may have mentioned in these pages before, the inimitable Zoe is quite in love with our dog Mal. (Wash always knew this would happen.) She is quite expressive with him, rubbing her head on his face, licking his ears. He is semi-tolerant of all this, nosing her neck from time to time, but […]

In Dreams

Ever had a dream that sticks with you? Like for years? The research for today’s theme on 100 Words reminded me of a dream I had some ten years or so ago… I was walking down a road that ran between some grassy hills (a lot like this road in the movie Toys, which I […]