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25 Music Questions

In searching for some ideas for Monday’s excruciating 100 Words theme, I ran across this music meme: 70 Music Questions. Well, as you can see from reading that list, some of those questions are utter shite, so I’ve pared it down to the most interesting 25. As always with the memes, if you choose to […]

Video Intarwebs

Video Intarwebs It’s been a tres long weekend. Have some videos. – Muppets “In the Navy” – Herbal “Elements” Shampoo Makes Men Act Like Men – Office Space recut as a slasher movie – When Harry Met Sally brilliantly recut as a sexual thriller – The True Origins of LOLCats And to our neighbors out […]

Video Killed the Internet Star

Via the indispensable Neat-O-Rama and Cute Overload, my favorite videos from the past few weeks: Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Canteen in Legos – Lots more Izzard/Lego bits here Real live Donkey Kong Lifting a car with water hoses Fargo, the short version Kitten eating melon Crosswalk prank Kittens playing with an empty box


Wow, collected some cobwebs there.It’s the rainy season here in central Florida. This means temps in the high 90s, humidity starting the day around 89%, then ratcheting up over 100%, whereupon the skies open up and, yep, you guessed it, it rains. In case it was not glaringly obvious, it is a miserable, miserable time […]

Saaaave Me!

Before there was Bejeweled, and the ninety-billion knockoffs, there was Bloobs. Bloobs was magnificent, no-brain fun. Shoot the like patterns, the bubbles burst, repeat. It was (and probably still is) a spectacular timewaster.Years ago I found a game called Pop! The Balloon Dog. Pop! was, of course, a balloon dog, more or less in the […]

Note to Self*

Some things I want to go back and look at when I have actual time to spare:Origin of Familiar Phrases: As it says, the origin of familiar phrases, ie: “Botch a job,” “Buy a pig in a poke,” etc. etc. Laws of Cat Physics: Because we know they’re too speshul to submit to the same […]

And Really Bad Eggs

This video is amazing. Johnny Depp visited some Japanese TV show and was serenaded by four youngsters in pirate-y costumes, I’ve no idea of the timeframe, if it’s press for the newest Pirates movie, or what. It is very nearly completely surreal, but try to hang in there at least until the littlest pirate starts […]


We love movies. Anyone who’s ever talked to us voice-to-voice knows they have to be on their toes in conversation because certain movie quotes are everyday usage around here. As are Eddie Izzard lines (“do you have a flag?” and “that’s just cheating at Scrabble!”), but that’s a whole other post right there.We particularly cherish […]