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Conversation Overheard by a Cat

Me (after scrubbing down the master bathroom):  Check out this supah-clean sink. Him: That *is* a supah-clean sink. Me:  I couldn’t find a junk toothbrush though, so there’s still this tiny grotty bit between the faucets. Him:  So we’ll buy a cheap one next time we’re out. *fifteen minutes later* Him (brandishing a pink Hello […]

Conversation With an 8-Year Old

Her:  I’m going to be like Uncle David… Me:  How so? Her:  I’m going to live alone and have kittens! Me:  But someday, when you’re not looking, you’re going to be smacked upside the head by Love… Her (vehemently):  I’m too smart for Love!

Conversation in the Garden

Me:  Holy crap, would you look at those freaky bugs! Him:  What do they look like? Me:  Extras from Starship Troopers.

Weather and Gardening and Still Smokin’

Florida drives me nuts, it really does. I’m sitting here right now, at 9:13AM, contemplating changing into shorts because it’s so, er, sultry out there, and yet tomorrow night it’s going to be all of 27 degrees. Maddening, I tell you. I don’t see how any of us survive. It does make for some extensive […]

In Lieu of Actual Content…

Today’s AIM conversations… Sekimori: you know bluecoyotestudio: yes? Sekimori: i figure, by definition, if I get an email to 100words that says, “how can I be a writer on your site???” that person is too stupid to live bluecoyotestudio: hahahahahha Sekimori: i mean it’s listed right there under the faq. how to contribute Sekimori: idiot […]

Conversations With a 38 Year Old

(For you noobs, this used to be a very popular series back when I used to do this regularly…) Him: I’m going to get Diego Garcia. (comes back with vacuum cleaner) Me: Do you remember why we named it that? Him: No. But we’re probably one of the few people who have a named vacuum […]