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All Hallows Eve

For being myself a creative type, I’m still always amazed at some of the ideas people come up with for Halloween costumes.  This Wired reader’s costume gallery has some nicely original stuff:  the iPod silhouette girl, the Facebook guy…these are excellent costumes, until you’re falling down drunk at 2AM of course. Halloween was never one […]

Old Friends and New

Everyone who loves books and reading has old friends, books you pick up when you’re too tired to read something new, or when you just want to revisit a favorite place/character.  The Blue Sword and The Hero and the Crown, both by Robin McKinley, are two books on my Old Friend List.  I discovered The […]

More Kid Stuff

I’ve been doing the photoblog, one-post-a-day thing for so long that it is kind of hard to get back in the true weblog, post-anytime-you-want sort of deal.  Plus, this new project is just too much fun. Schlepped the kids to the doctor yesterday for a checkup. Boychild is huge…something we already knew just from standing […]

Hurricane Schmurricane

Well, Fay couldn’t get enough energy out of the 90 or so miles of water between Cuba and the Keys, so is now doing an impression of an aging film star in a nursing home… Yes, lots of bluster, and liquids flung everywhere. So we’re looking at high-ish winds and between 2 and 5 inches […]


Ah, my five loyal readers…words cannot describe the incandescent fury which is mine these past 72 hours. Those of you using WordPress note how it shrieks at you to upgrade whenever a new release comes about. Generally, this is a good idea, as fallow versions tend to become script kiddie targets, and next thing you […]

Eat My Cannas, Will You

I know, I know, I still haven’t put up the HSV Botanical Gardens pictures (well, HERE anyway, most of them are uploaded to Flickr already if you want to nose around there), but between the enforced idleness due to the knee (which is much better, thanks fer askin’!), catching up at work (both regular and […]


Well, today was to have begun the big post-vacation reporting, complete with scads of pictures from the gorgeous Huntsville Botanical Gardens…but I utterly lunched my right knee weeding our own garden after returning home this weekend, and am rather preoccupied with some truly epic pain at the moment. Dr. appointment today at 2-ish, with some […]

Movies and Kitties

As some of you might have noticed from my Tweet on the subject, we saw Hellboy 2 Friday night… …and boy were we PISSED. You wait four years for a sequel to a movie you really enjoyed, and instead of a story, you get needlessly elaborate CGI creations. Interesting to look at, sure, but at […]

Pop Culture Interlude

I’ve never watched So You Think You Can Dance (title is irritating me, btw) before this season, so I’m a bit mystified by what happens when the final 10 are chosen. I gather it means random partners or something like that by the look on poor Gev’s face when they reminded him he would no […]

Parenting the Whole Wide World

As above, it was a good day on the “farm”…but a crappy day everywhere else. I called a phone number.  An answering machine picked up, with a terse, “leave your message,” about the same time a tossed pen impacted my thumb-bone in a painful fashion.  I did not leave a message, figuring I’d call back […]