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Ill Omens

I sincerely hope this is not indicative of how the rest of my day is going to go…  


Back when we all started blogging, those of us who were, erm, uncomfortable with the typical level of sharing that went on in most blogs took lots of these little tests and quizzes.  I’m better about the sharing these days, but sometimes you just have to take a stupid quiz and post the results. I […]

Search Me

In lieu of actual content (blame the wrestling practice, back to school dance, wrestling meet, soccer practice, soccer game, etc. etc. etc. etc.), here’s some amusing search strings I’ve received lately… How+to+sow+marigolds+in+florida – That’s easy…throw them on the ground then jump back really quickly. old+lady+in+garden – Heyyyy, I do NOT resemble that remark! mother+nature’s+garden – No, it’s […]

I’m Still Geeking Out About It*

Teriyaki-marinated chicken going in the smoker today. After which it will be shredded and combined with some mirin, five-spice powder, shredded broccoli/carrots/cabbage, wrapped in spring roll wrappers and deep fried. Admit it, you wish you were our neighbor. … Two new episodes of Chuck (easily one of our favorite shows evar) aired Thursday night, we […]

Manic Panic, Indeed

Injustice is using “vampire red” hair dye and it looking more like “soho sofa pink” on your head. Oh well. When the kids got in the car after school today, they took one look at my head and both shrieked, “TONKS!!” Win.

Hold Me

I only remember going to one circus as a kid. It was in one of those multi-purpose arenas that played host to everything from rodeos, to monster truck rallies, to hair band concerts. You know the place. We sat wayyyy up in the nosebleeds, so high up even the elephants looked like little toys. You […]

No Nirvana For You

This morning I was playing with the dog with his very favorite toy in the world (the doughnut), when it rolled out the back door, across 20 feet of patio and plopped into the pool…where a largish beetle, who apparently had been looking for just such salvation, climbed aboard.  I retrieved the ring, shook the […]

More Than Meets The Eye, Indeed

Just got back from the Transformers movie, and really only have two comments:There were a great many violations of the Law of Conservation of Mass/Energy. And: I both love and hate Michael Bay.

But I Never Studied Law

Ever been driving somewhere for the first time and it seems the universe has had time to both die and be recreated before you actually arrive at your destination? We call this Stacy’s Law of Directional Temporal Duration, as I am always the first one in the car to point out how frigging long it’s […]

You Are Where You Live

It’s curious, the stages people go through, in their choice of abodes. After observing the entire process for a number of years, I’m prepared to publish this definitive You Are Where You Live Timeline: Stage 1: Cheapest Grungiest Apartment Evar You might be in college, you might be at your first job. Wash dishes? Eh, […]