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The Semi-Regular Update

I confess I don’t get this stream of consciousness blogging that seems to be in vogue these days. The most conspicuous example would be Kevin Smith, on whose blog you’ll find detailed descriptions of what he ate, when he and his wife got jiggy, and what shorts he was wearing while watching the last disk […]

Oh, Fuck Off, Grasshopper

So, yeah, we were kind of late to the whole Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright/Nick Frost bandwagon. We bought Shaun of the Dead a good three years after it came out on DVD and then took another six months to get around to watching it. We were delighted with it, of course. Funny, with moments of actual […]

Our New Favorite Show

I remember (not fondly) when the secondary cable channels could be relied on for achingly bad movies, long stretches of infomercials, and even dead air. How times have changed when networks like USA, TNT, and SciFi Channel are putting out original programming that illuminates the alpha networks for the has-been schlubs that they really are. […]