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The Silence of the Pumpkins

Would you care to guess how many seeds you get from a 53 1/2 lb pumpkin? Go on…guess. 1 cup would be the correct answer. Seems paltry for a fruit this size, but this is one of those super-mega pumpkins, the kind that people grow for massive size instead of flavor, shape and/or seed production.  […]

Temporarily Empty Nest

This past weekend we did the annual ferrying of the children up to Nana’s north Alabama farm for a summer of tromping about in the woods, chasing frogs and fishing.  It’s a 600 mile drive (one way) and sincerely not something you want to do all in one day – as we discovered Sunday on […]


The Girlchild turned 9 a couple of weeks ago.  When asked what she wanted to do for her birthday she knew exactly, just as she always has.  For the family part she wanted to dine at that bastion of gastronomic adventure known as Steak n Shake.  (She has a passion for those skinny, tasteless fries.) […]

Huntsville Botanical Garden, July 2008

Ok, here we go… *cracks knuckles* Gird your loins, people, this is going to be a long one. Well worth it though. When Husband and I met, we were both working in the Huntsville, Alabama area. 8 or so months later we were planning a wedding. I will tell you right now it was nothing […]

Vacation After-Action Report

Well, the stinking knee hurts again, as I apparently slept on it wrong last night. If I can re-bork it just sleeping on it, then what is the point of immobility during the day, I ask you. I have things to do, people. So, vacation was good. We stayed at my parents’ new 28 acre […]

Day Trip

Yesterday we took a break from yard work (and the astonishing heat) and ventured over to Titusville on Florida’s Atlantic coast to witness one of the most gorgeous sights known to modern man…the launch of an actual space-faring vehicle, as captured (unfortunately through an impressive late-afternoon Florida humidity haze) above. It is amazing how many […]

Gaming and Cold Fingers and Caucuseses

Talking with C about new games this morning reminded me that I downloaded a bunch of new games before Xmas from my favorite gamehaus, Reflexive, and they need reviewing. I’m partial to first-person shooters (for what should be obvious reasons), but really don’t need my shooting bogged down with a bunch of story-mode crap, or […]

“Alas, Poor Yorick 3000…”

Hope Santa was good to you all yesterday. As you can see above, much glee ensued here at the homestead, despite the little bastards waking us up at 3:47AM Christmas morning (and being forced back to bed until 6AM, goddammit), and a MISERABLE trip to Busch Gardens the previous day. It sounds odd, does it […]

Cowboy Up

The Husband is a fine husband, I believe I’ve mentioned this before. I’ve been drooling over cowboy guns lately, something to which he, as a fine husband, has paid close attention. Last weekend we stopped into the local high end gun shop to see what they had lying about. The Henry rifles are gorgeous but […]


The kitties go out back onto the enclosure-covered patio every day for their morning constitutional…bapping at spiders, fruitlessly stalking lizards outside the screen, and inexplicably dipping their paws into the pool.Before the rains finally came a little while ago, Zoe brought me a water wing (aka. floatie). Why? In other news, despite a perpetual uniform […]