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Can’t Seem To Stop Banging My Head on the Desk

A few months ago (before all this diabetes diagnosis, or even the suspicion of same), the husband’s eyes went south and he had to get his prescription updated. Yes, yes, we know NOW that blurry vision is a symptom of blood sugar issues, but we didn’t know that THEN. Anyway, we paid quite the exorbitant amount for a really good pair of lenses, since he’s glued to a microscope (sort of) all day and needs them. We also purchased a much cheaper pair of plastic lenses and frame (ugly goddamned things, let me tell you) as backups.Then, of course, came the diabetes diagnosis. And now that his blood sugar is getting under control, NEITHER pair of those new glasses work. He can actually see better in short distances WITHOUT glasses, and cannot see through the microscope at all.

So, back to the eye doc for a re-prescriptioning, and in the meantime he can’t even see to work…fortunately he has a decent human being for a boss. But, just xst on a monkey!

Diabetes will never be cured, because it is too freaking profitable.