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Can You Hear the Jack Whales Singing?

As I sit in front of my computer getting all excited about another Wes Anderson movie (The Darjeeling Unlimited), the Husband shakes his head in perplexment. (Oh yes, that’s a word, STFU.)”He makes people movies,” says the Husband.

“Yeah, he does,” I admit.

“But…but, you hate people,” he says.

And it’s true, I really cannot stand people. Oh, I like several different persons, but people as a whole are extremely vexing. I hate, hate, hate stories about the “human condition.” (Thanks in no small part to an emotionally unavailable and insufferably pretentious ex-boyfriend who doted on such things.) Life sucks, get over it. Sure, some people manage to drag themselves out of the mire and be heroes, but far more are suited only to the sanitization of telephones, and therefore expendable. So don’t try to sell me on the nobility of the human animal because it don’t got any.*

Ergo my love for WA movies. The characters in them all pretty much despise other people as well. The Royal Tenenbaums, Steve Zissou, Rushmore (this last, which to be fair, I hated)…are all peopled by highly intelligent characters with little tolerance for the friggin’ idiots with which they are surrounded.

True, that isn’t actually a major plot point of any of those films, just an observation on my part with which I am making my point. Which was…er, there’s a new Wes Anderson movie coming out soon, hurrah!

*Any grammatical abberations such as the above-noted example are done intentionally and purely for emphasis. Should you be naive enough to believe I have used such out of ignorance on my part, you’re more than welcome to voice same in the comments. Gird your loins for thorough humiliation, however.