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But Why?

The taxpayers of SanFran are once again being called upon to foot the bill for yet another attempt at a “suicide barrier” on the Golden Gate Bridge.Why are we compelled to prevent people from killing themselves? Religious justifications aside (which, honestly, all originated in the desire to produce more donors), what is this notion that all human life is precious? We kill each other all the time, in actions foreign and domestic. It seems the height of arrogance to dictate that a human being, of ostensible free will, should not be allowed to cease living by their own choice.

“But having compassion is what makes us civilized,” you may sniff.

What if they have bad chemicals? Your definition of “compassion” may be to force someone to endure a lifetime of drugs in order to simulate a “normal” existence. That way lies happiness for exactly whom? The person’s family? Having to deal with a hollow shell of the person they once knew? And what if that person decides to slip their chemical bonds and rape and murder their 8 year old niece? Or commit suicide-by-cop at the local A&P, with innumerable civilians in the crossfire? Wouldn’t it have been much better for them to take a nice walk off the side of the bridge before any of this horror happened?

Ok, what if they don’t have bad chemicals? What if they’re just whingy and bluuuue because their girlfriend left them? Well, do we really want someone that weak-spirited passing along those genes to their children? I suppose that’s not really compassionate, no, unless you consider the poor, unsuspecting offspring and what they’ll have to endure due to their gutless father.

If someone has decided to End It All TM, we should treat them to a nice meal, and otherwise assist in any way possible. THAT’s compassion. The strong ones will maybe decide they’re just a little down and, hey, they really like the taste of filet mignon. Maybe life is worth living after all.