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Browsers and Idiots and Soup

If you’ve recently upgraded to Firefox and are finding the sodding thing locked up completely whilst your CPU howls like a banshee…downgrade that bitch. does not have the same troubles.

I love you Firefox. Don’t become another cpanel, testing your new “features” on actual release versions.

When we send you access information for something called a “control panel,” mightn’t you get the clue that you could probably CONTROL things from that particular area? Playing stupid only verifies the fact that you are, indeed, stupid. Sack up, take some bloody responsibility, and quit expecting to be led around by your dick.

It’s Experiment Night here tonight. Corn and vegetable chowder can only be improved by the addition of spicy sausage, right? RIGHT???

If all goes well expect the recipe tomorrow. *drool*

Update: Oh, baby, that was a GREAT soup. And the italian bread fried in olive oil and garlic. *faints*