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Bright Jewels

After immersion in the Boychild’s 5th grade end-of-year awards this morning, and witnessing the fashion show type atmosphere perpetrated by some of the mothers..and teachers…I couldn’t help but laugh as I pulled into our driveway. The zinnias by the power boxes…

The I-don’t-know-what-they-are-but-I-love-them in amongst the zinnias…

Salvia gregii

Rose Mallow

(UPDATE: Thanks to Zoe for identifying the salvia and rose mallow.)

The ever-increasing array of color in the front planting bed…

African Daisy

Dahlia “Goldahlia”

Pentas “Butterfly Cherry Red”

The colors of ripening vegetables out back…

Sungold cherry tomatoes

Who needs expensive frippery? Give me growing things any day.

(And of course a hella nice camera with which to photograph them!)