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Boo and Yay

Boy, sinus infections are FUN, aren’t they? Just when you start to feel better, that horse goes and steps on your face again. Really must tell that story…though, technically, it was my foot he stepped on, not my face. He was a Percheron-breed, though, a horse only slightly smaller than a Clydesdale


This news story is interesting…

Two Iraqi soldiers were killed when they tried to thwart the attack by throwing themselves on the bomber who had slipped into the crowd, The Associated Press reports.

Interesting because it’s an incident of self-sacrifice in a region where you just don’t hear much about it. I know firsthand that the Arab peoples can be generous to a fault, but the international media is far more interested in yapping about what mean old baddies we are instead. So, huzzah for those two guys, for being better than anyone thinks you are.