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Work, Work, Work. Hello Boys, Did You Miss Me?

Today feels like a “bitch about work stuff day…”Stupid Question:

“Would it help my site hits to have 4 nameservers instead of just two?”

No, the only thing that would help “hits” to your site is decent content. So, you’re basically screwed.

Stupid Statement:

“Just like I know how to reward good service with loyalty.”

Seeing as how with just two tickets to your name you’ve already established yourself as the Leading Asshole in the State, we could basically give a rat’s ass how “loyal” you consider yourself. You’ve already shown us exactly what you think of us, and trust me, the sentiment is returned in spades.

Just Plain Stupid:

You like to use whatever latest software the cool kids are using, yet you’re too stupid, or too lazy, to actually bother researching it/learning how to use it. So, we make the framework available to you on the server, and you utterly fail to make it work. News flash: Automatically assuming that we’ve either installed it incorrectly, or have something misconfigured, just emphasizes that you are a clueless tool. It seriously never occurs to you to ask questions instead of assuming you know everything, but after five years of the same old shit I suppose it is too much to ask that you will remove your cranium from your anal passage.

The Grand Prize Winnar of Stupid:

You let your domain expire. Three months ago. And didn’t notice it was expired. For three months.

For those of you who don’t know, when your domain expires, it is typically redirected to a registrar page that says, “Hey, stupid, your domain expired.” From expiration date, you have about 30 days to renew the domain, at the same price at which you registered it. After that time, the domain enters the redemption period, where you can renew it for an exorbitant fee, typically around $150. This fee is punitive, designed to permanently remind you to remember your frigging expiration dates. (The redemption period policy was put in place to save you all from the evil domain squatters, however, so it is a good thing overall.) After the redemption period (also about 30 days), the domain is deleted from the registrar and free for anyone to register.

So, not only did you let your domain expire, but it was a shitty, shitty domain name. Your first initial, your middle initial, PART of your last name, and then a descriptive bit. Seriously, on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best domain EVAR, yours was a negative 743. It had zero mnemonic potential, and even if someone had it written down in front of them, it’d take five minutes to type it into the address bar. You might just as well have chosen dhlksndlkwhye.com for sheer user unfriendliness.

But being the nice people that we are, we offered to register the .net version for you. Or, a more sensical domain, yourname.com. We were going to do this for free, too, since you’re so very pathetic in your not understanding anything at all that we were telling you. Nine times. But you kept whinging, “I don’t understand, just get my domain back,” even after being told, NINE TIMES, that we could do nothing more than contact the current owner and make an offer….which, might I add, is so far out of our web host purview that it might just as well be salmon fishing. They’re not going to answer, dumbass, because they’re evil domain squatters.

We are tired of repeating ourselves. We’ve had every person in the company answer you now, each of us rephrasing and using smaller words each time. It’s time for you to face facts…you shouldn’t be in the Intarwebs. Evar. Not even Googling. The tubes might melt. We recommend carrier pigeons instead. Yes, we know they’re extinct. Have a nice day.