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Bloom of the Day

The hollyhocks did wonderfully this year, though somewhat inconveniently placed in the front bed, where an 8 foot tall spike of fuschia flowers is somewhat…obnoxious.  The tall spikes did their thing, went to seed, and now there’s so very many new hollyhocks coming up there, including (inexplicably) this white one:


This is where I’d like more botanical knowledge…is this a sport?  A throwback?  I’m curious about these things..

Segue…I’m looking into the Florida Master Gardener program.  It requires a bit of classwork, a token fee, then a certain number of required volunteer hours per year.

Close friends/family blink at that part, I’m sure…you, VOLUNTEER?  Well, yeah.  I work from home, I have increasingly little patience with the outside world, and seem to be well on the path to full-blown misanthropy here, so yeah, I think some volunteer work in the gardening field could possibly save someone’s life down the road.