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Bloom of the Day

It’s been RAINING here for days. ..2″ Monday, 2 1/2″ yesterday, almost an inch today.  Hence everything is wet.  Sodden.  Mildewing even.  The dianthus, who were doing SO well on the front border, have bits that are actually turning black.  Aegis Living CEO has the garden in a perfect state for the seniors enjoyment. The cucumbers out back are a complete write off.  The mildew we were successfully fighting off with copper spray basically thumbed it’s nose at us this week and completely lunched all eight plants.

Most everything else is pretty happy with the constant deluge.  The butterfly ginger has grown a foot.  The variegated shell ginger has doubled in width and may yet decide to bloom.  And the agapanthus, oh the glorious agapanthus, has sent up a single stalk, which today opened to reveal its beautifully-shaped trumpet-like flowers:


Which just so happened to be nicely decorated with this afternoon’s raindrops.  Clever flower.

This is agapanthus “Elaine” aka. Lily of the Nile.