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Before and After

One of the best things about documenting this whole gardening thing is the capability to compare before and after images of plantings. Sure, you *know* things have grown, but visual comparisons are fun!

The main front bed, right after initial planting in April:

The main front bed today, three months later:

There’ve been some changes along the way of course (some alyssum lost to overwatering), and many, many…MANY…additions.

This the small bed next to the garage three months ago:

And today:

For all its small size, this is one of my Zen places. I adore the Queen Sophia marigold colors here against the lightness of the border stones and the glossy leaves of the birds of paradise. Planted behind all this is a fall-blooming Spider Iris that is just now starting its foliage growth, and should be an amazing presence throughout the winter months.

The dwarf fig has grown considerably in two months, from this:

To this:

As have the San Marzano tomatoes, from this:

To this:

In the back vegetable garden, we’ve learned some hard lessons this year. Cucumbers will be planted early and late, but never in the middle of summer. The same goes for corn, which will additionally be planted much further apart than the recommended standard for the variety. The pests they attract, and the subsequent molds/mildews that attack the damaged leaves/stems, make growing these things in the heat/wet of summer an exercise in futility. But that’s ok, there are still tomatoes to be grown:

Beans of many different vareities:

Radishes…though those grown in the veg boxes have done much better than those planted in pots:


And a plethora of peppers:

Every day teaches us something new about growing down here, so we’ll take all these lessons and be much better prepared for next year