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Backyard Bounty

We did a quick harvest on Thursday before heading out for the weekend, and came up with 39 lbs of goodness from the garden:


Of course the pumpkin accounts for 37 lbs of that.

We harvested again yesterday and came up with 9 lbs:


5 lbs of which is every fruit from the poor Black Plum tomato plant, which was stricken by wilt some time between Thursday and Sunday.  We’ll try to ripen the fruit inside but I’m thinking most of it is headed for the composter.

Also in that harvest was the first delice de table melon.  It’s one of the more exotic of the cantaloupes, and positively gaudy in appearance.


Husband pronounced it delicious as he stood over the sink and ate nearly half of the thing.


Yeah, I don’t do cantaloupe.