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Ash and Needles and Donations at Gunpoint

They sky rained ash yesterday. Little pieces, big pieces. Ash, coming out the sky.Now, since Florida doesn’t have any active volcanoes (that we KNOW of), it’s natural to assume that some farmer is doing a controlled burn to get rid of the godsforsaken palmetto scrub that infests fields like the plague down here. (Yes, I KNOW it’s an important sub-ecosystem, I just don’t give a shit, and wouldn’t either were I a farmer.) Still, when one sees ash raining down from the sky, the lizard brain fairly effectively takes over. Volcano, it insists, run for the hills! And it’s a bit hard not to obey.

Except that we don’t have any hills either.

In other news, the Husband had enough of feeling like crap and took himself off yesterday to visit the doctor. Who was kind enough to diagnose him with Type II Diabetes. So, he’s got pills to pop, diet to change, and perhaps injections to eventually take. They’re still in the “getting a handle on it” phase, which means lots of pricks to the finger.

Which is always better than pricks elsewhere.

Tonight we have a command performance of “Johnny Appleseed, or How The School Manages to Thinly Disguise Yet Another Beg for Money as a Seminal Grade School Experience.” Should be a blast.