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And You Can Suckit, Too

The image ratings have been removed effective immediately, due to the pathetic assholes who can’t seem to find the exit from Mom’s basement and therefore have little better to do than stomp their inadequacies across the sites of complete strangers.You have something to say about an image, homeslice? Then sack up and use the comment link. Then again, mommy may not like you spamming with her email account.

Never piss off a sysadmin, bitch.


Like Tanya, I try really, really hard to not post about the Whores of the ApocalypseTM, but sometimes they just make it too easy. (Yes, that’s a link to the CATEGORY of posts, that’s how frigging pathetic she is on a regular basis.) What a surprise to find out the month in rehab, and the self-imposed *cough* sobriety bracelet, was all the equivalent of a publicity snowball.

Someone in this girl’s life has utterly failed to instill any sort of Perspective Meter. Not only is she only marginally talented, but only marginally attractive, as well. (Then again, I suppose the self-destructive pattern could be attributed to a surfeit of perspective…but that’s another show.*)

Anyway, I suppose is it simply far too much to ask for the paparazzi and tabloids to ignore the Whores of the ApocalypseTM, thereby causing them to slide soundlessly into the Pit of Anonymity, but it sure would be nice.