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An Actual Gardening Meme!

I don’t have time to read the folks on my links page as much as I’d like…the day really needs more hours, no? Found this fun little thing at My Grandpa’s Garden yesterday, and even though I was not specifically tagged, I’m playin’ along anyway:

  1. Flash Your Seed Stash – Show us where you keep your extras. Or, if your like me, dump that big bag onto the living room floor and grab the camera!
  2. Your Favorite Garden Photo – Doesn’t have to be current, just the one you’re most proud of.
  3. The Secret Spot – Take a picture of that part of the yard that you’ve given up hope on, nothing will grow, sun doesn’t shine, there is no hope. No yard is perfect!
  4. Your favorite garden tool – you know it, you love it, its not getting enough facetime on your blog – showcase it!
  5. Your garden rainbow. Go out into the garden and try to find a picture to represents each color in the rainbow, whether all in one photo or separate, you can get this in easy way with small upgrade in you garden following the advises from https://www.caandesign.com/9-landscape-lighting-ideas-to-amp-up-your-curb-appeal/!

I’ll have my actual pics up later today, and in the meantime, tag Coriander, A, Caitlin and Michele to play along…

UPDATE: Answers!

For #1, as I told Caitlin in the comments, after spending a year or two keeping track of my seeds in a tatty Big Box Retailer Who Shall Not Be Named bag, I finally upgraded to this:


Which you can buy here. Extra snap-on trays here.

For #2, my current favorite is this one:


But I’m sure I’ll take one next week I like even better. I’m like that.

For #3, I’m sorry, I live in Florida, there are NO spots in my yard/garden that won’t grow something. We’re sub-tropical in zone, so we’re more often taking things out than begging them to grow. Have to be able to walk, y’know!

For #4, my favorite garden tool is this short square shovel:


It has seen more work this year alone than any other tool in our garage, and has complained about it (ie. creaking handles) the least. Good shovel. *pat pat*

For #5, here’s our garden rainbow:


We’ve got everything going in there except indigo, and it’ll be there once I get this heliotrope sprouted!

Bonus pic…the Orchard Baby corn has sprouted, woot!


Yes, that little tiny green thing there in the middle. Shutup.