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All Hallows Eve

For being myself a creative type, I’m still always amazed at some of the ideas people come up with for Halloween costumes.  This Wired reader’s costume gallery has some nicely original stuff:  the iPod silhouette girl, the Facebook guy…these are excellent costumes, until you’re falling down drunk at 2AM of course.

Halloween was never one of my particularly favorite holidays, I can’t even recall a single costume worn as a child.  In my legal-to-drink years my only concession to costumery was to paint my face dead white and create a two bloody-looking holes on my neck…Vampire Victim, of course.  That allowed me to dress normally (read: lots of cleavage) yet still participate, even if only in token fashion.

Now that I have kids, the emphasis is all on them of course.  (Though a few years ago we all dressed as pirates, even me who stayed home to pass out treats.  And Husband definitely enjoyed the ruffled shirt removal later.  😀  Oops, TMI.)  This year the Girlchild is a ninja and the Boychild is a classic Bela Lugosi-type vampire, though he informed me this morning that he did not have that freaky feeling in his stomach this year, which I think means this should definitely be his last year begging for handouts trick-or-treating.  

This year we’ll be trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood since Nana moved away, which means near-teenagers without costumes expecting to be given candy, and carloads of kids being driven over from nearby neighborhoods.  I expect to swear off the entire thing FOREVER by about 9:47PM EST tonight.

Oh look, ponkins!