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All Hail Cipro

We’re watching football and TIVO-ing the presidential debates. Yes, we’re proud Americans.

The circus was fantastic, thanks for asking. A full rundown will happen after I get the 800+ pictures edited, but for now suffice it to say it was just amazing. The eight white tigers were unspeakably impressive, even behind the 13 foot tall cage, and the Ringling folks put on a fabulous show, as always.

So I thought I was getting better from this weeks long cold I’ve been battling, when last night I started feeling like a horse had stepped on the left side of my face. (And yes, I *do* know what it feels like to be stepped on by a horse, but that’s another story.) The pain ran down the side of my face and into my upper molars (that’s a Sinus Infection for those of you playing at home), so after the circus we sacrificed an hour in the local after-hours clinic and scored a prescription for Cipro…the antibiotic they give people who have SARS, fer crissakes. If that doesn’t finally kick this shit out then I guess I’m having my head removed. Aheh.