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All About the Veg

Up above there is the best of the Parisier Market carrot harvest, as held by my 8 year old Girlchild. These were container grown and packed in there a bit too tight.

Ordinarily they’re fine with that, but they really should have been thinned after sprouting, and we know what problems I have with that. 🙂

It’s only 90 degrees here today, but the humidity is eleventy billion, and having just finished the watering I’m sweating like a two dolla hoor. I share because I care.

Speaking of sharing, LOTS of pictures today. I do apologize to my dial-up readers, but everything out there is So Very Pretty.

Like this red-banded hairstreak on the zucchini leaves:

He’s looking for a girlfriend, you see. Wants to make sweet, sweet flutterby love. On my zucchini plant.

Somebody remind me to wash those zukes really, REALLY well, ok?

I do believe the Helios radishes are trying to harvest themselves:

Well, would you look at that?? That’s the Second Slowest Tomato Evar on the left there, nearly a foot tall! And blooming!

I’m so proud. *sniff* Next to him there is the Slowest Tomato Evar. Still slow.

In the Pepper Box, this red bell pepper is the size of Husband’s fist:

Yet, strangely, not even remotely red.

Our poor corn, after being ravaged by cornworms, is gamely making corn anyway.

Another amazement in the melon patch…the Tigger melon is staging a comeback!

That’s the near-dessicated vine coming out of the pot in the foreground, but the end there in the center has actually made six new leaves in the past few days.

I still can’t get over the birdhouse gourd fruit:

And it not only has climbed right up the thorny bouganvillea, but it’s decided to take on the pool enclosure, as well:

That’s its vines twining in and out of the 1/16″ screen squares. Hey, if it can make the climb, the enclosure is strong enough to handle it. Plus, pretty!

The San Marzanos are disproving that whole “a tomato won’t set new fruit above 94 degrees” thing as an old wives tale:

The Gioia Della Mensa doesn’t care if it grows sideways:

In the next pot over, the Parisian Pickling cucumber has the same idea as the birdhouse gourd:


Though it looks more like it is trying to escape to me.

And finally, as promised to Caitlin, here is a full (-ish) picture of the Trident Maple bonsai:

He’s only about 10 years old, and is not doing anything at the moment but growing fat and happy in his pot. There will be no limb pruning or shaping for years yet, only topping to keep the height the same.

Whew. Don’t you all think we should re-institute the custom of an afternoon nap? One enthusiastic vote for ‘yea’ right here, people.