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All About the Flo(wers)

Oh dearie dear…it is (allegedly) going to rain like the proverbial cow micturating on a level igneous surface today, which means we’d better enjoy all these blooms now before they get knocked into the mulch!

Under the crepe myrtle tree, the Ming Toy Daylily:

Dahlia “Goldahlia Orange”:

My favorite plant so far this year, the Alpinia zerumbet (Shell Ginger), and it hasn’t even bloomed yet:

The delphiniums do love their new spot:

And the echinacea is thriving in the delphiniums’ old spot:

The *coff* Dwarf Canna has decided “screw this ‘dwarf’ crap, I’m GROWING” and has shot up several improbably tall inflorescences:

Here’s one of our crazy green bees thoroughly enjoying a yellow zinnia:

This is the latest “wildflower” to open in the zinnia patch. What do you think, another mallow?

I can NOT get over this Salvia gregii, the color is just spectacular.

Need to harvest some seeds of my own and get this thing going in a place where it won’t be swarmed by mad zinnias. It’s interesting even when not open yet:

Still not sure what this is, also growing in the zinnia patch:

Tons of actual zinnias in the zinna patch, too:

Here’s Mal, patiently waiting for me to be done photographing things so he can get in out of the gawdawful humid:

The carnivorous plants are finally getting up to speed. This is Sarracenia leucophylla “Tarnok”:

This is what the (main) rose garden is supposed to look like:

Down the way a bit, the Granada rose (my very favorite in both color and fragrance) is blooming again:

And the Scentimental, as well:

Blooms everywhere and competing fragrances that whack you in the face when you get near. It’s bliss, I tell you.