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I was dreaming this morning that someone who used to be a friend wrote a nasty anonymous blog entry about me, and I had to rush to write a rebuttal blog entry. Dreaming about blogging, how frigging lame is that, I ask you.

Quite the epic dustup with the Boychild’s teacher yesterday. The upshot is that man is a fracking liar and needs a beat down put on his ass. Since we cannot accomplish that sans jail time, the Boychild will be shifted to a different teacher’s classroom either today or tomorrow.

The Boychild has been made to understand on a cellular level that this is most emphatically NOT a win for him, that he is just as much to blame for this as the asshole teacher. And that he owes us straight freaking A’s by the end of the year.

Seriously looking into homeschooling.

Things have been so bloody rucked up around here that I haven’t taken a picture in weeks. That’s not natural, I tell you.