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A Rave Review

Several months ago I placed an order for about six different bearded irises from Nola’s Iris Garden.  Unfortunately, with all the reorganization we did out front, I completely ran out of room for them, and had to cancel the order.  Broke my heart to do it, since Nola has some spectacular Iris varieties, like Apollo One, Neon Cowboy, and Stage Lights, but we just had no place to put them all.  Maybe when the backyard gets reorganized next year…

Anyway, I contacted them to cancel, and was puzzled to receive a shipping notice in response.  Er, what about the refund, fellas, I asked.  That is your refund, they replied.  So I figured they were sending a check, since the original charge was so long ago.  Today I received my package, which contained not only a refund check, but one of the Irises I had actually ordered.  We know the order is cancelled, they said, but we thought you’d like to have one of them anyway.


Oh hayull yes, I would…I will FIND a spot for that puppy.   So a huge “that’s some amazing customer service” THANK YOU to Nola’s Iris Garden.  Please, if you’re thinking of buying any Irises at all, use these folks.  You surely will not be disappointed.  Plus, gorgeous Irises in your garden!