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7 Things

ARGH!  I’ve been tagged, like a cow, or a sheep, or some other distinctly unflattering farm denizen.  Ok, more like a paint-baller, but whatever.

Anyway, this is going to be hard since I’ve already done at least a couple of these things before.  

7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I had a Naval Academy appointment.  Turned it down because I was a vapid, self-indulgent teen-ager, yes.  Some days I regret it, and some days I don’t.
  2. My first “job” was as a volunteer for the Humane Society.  The then-director used to go to the pound, pick out a few dogs, pay the adoption fee from her own pocket, and take them back to the HS to put up for adoption.  Looking back, she was a bit of a loon, I think.
  3. I used to ride dressage on a huge Percheron-breed named Steeler.  Most. Boring. Sport. Ever.  Bastard stepped on my foot once while watering after a workout.  I *still* have that mark, 20 years later.
  4. I have three tattoos.  The only visible one is on my left ankle, a stylized representation of the goddess Diana, with drawn bow.  
  5. I used to be a painter at an Industrial Painting company.  These days I just don’t have the time.  Plus I have this whole problem with going to That Place, the place where the creativity is…it’s a very selfish thing for me (for LOTS of artists), and I have a husband and children who would miss me.
  6. I have killed a poisonous snake with a knife.  I was about 16 – therefore immortal – and it was a truly foul-tempered cottonmouth.  I pinned its head down with a stick then lopped it off with a diving knife.  And that seemed to satisfy its curiosity.
  7. I own 50 domain names.  They’re a perq of my job and I’m a complete freaking pack-rat apparently.  

There, wasn’t that fun?  Ok, part of this whole meme thing means I have to in turn tag 7 other Twitterites, so here goes:








Enjoy, suckers.