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who are you?

Stacy Tabb. Born in Huntsville, AL, resident of central Florida 2000.  Still hating the summer heat, yes. My nom de blog used to be Sekimori, which was actually just intended to be the name of my web/graphic design business. But people started using it as a nickname and it stuck. I will not answer to it in person, however. If you've arrived here whilst searching for that name, then you'll probably be wanting this instead: Sekimori Design Florida Backyard is my personal site, for observations, gardening notes, recipes and other bloggy stuff. There will be no politics discussed here, Blogatelle and the trolls it eventually attracted cured me of that. Perhaps I blog politically elsewhere under a pseudonym. And perhaps I don't.


We shoot with a Nikon D70s, a Nikon D200, and a variety of lenses. Sigma makes fantastic glass, by the way. I'm just sayin'. All images on this site are © Boondock Studios, Inc. and may not be reproduced without permission. Stock photography and art prints are available by request.