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I am very sorry that I watch So You Think You Can Dance. I am also quite sorry that I rather enjoy it. * I've been off Starbuck's mochas (cold turkey, people) since the Husband was declared diabetic. Honestly, I do not miss them. My daily coffee is Gevalia's Caffe Greco and is so much more flavorful than that Seattle-roast swill. * I have waxed rhapsodic before regarding Jacqeline Carey's Kushiel series, just finished the brand-new Kushiel's Mercy (#6)... ...which then sent me back to read Kushiel's Avatar (#3)... As frightening and harsh as the journey is sometimes, this is a slightly alternate universe I delight in visiting (and revisiting), where the scions of angels walk, and Love as Thou Wilt is the guiding tenet. * Monty Python is not nearly as funny today as it was when I was 10 years old.